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Priors LettingsAbout Us

What makes us different?

We are not an Estate Agent, we are totally dedicated to Lettings. We see ourselves as ‘matchmakers’ to find the right tenants for the perfect property and landlord. We ourselves have personal experience of being both landlords and tenants. We have a wealth of life experience, which is very helpful when you are considering the difficult decision of which agency to let your property with us, you are in ‘safe capable hands’.

“I can actually say that I truly love getting up and going to work each day, which is very rare nowadays! I am extremely privileged to do this work and consider myself very lucky. I am a ‘people’ person and take time to listen to both our landlord’s and tenant’s requirements. Our standards are high as we would not expect tenants to live in any property that we ourselves would not be prepared to live in.”

Jane Prior

It is important that we provide as much information to landlords to ensure that they are confident in letting their property with Priors. We truly understand how daunting the task of letting your property can be and similarly finding the perfect property to rent. We listen to your requirements, thus ‘matchmaking’ landlords and tenants, and strive to ensure that our customers are happy with the service we provide.

Why are we the ‘right’ agent for you?

In the current property market more home owners are considering letting their property as an option to selling, so giving them the freedom to move, therefore we are seeing more ‘first time’ landlords. Also we are finding that we have the situation where a home owner wishes to rent one of our properties and as a result will want to let out their own. Letting your home with the right agent is a very important decision. We excel in this area and have a wealth of experience to offer. With over 30 years in the property industry, we offer a truly professional, friendly, honest and helpful service.

We specialise in Corporate and M.O.D. tenancies, so if you are considering letting your property please do not hesitate to give us a call as we have a number of keen applicants seeking family homes in the local area.

You will find that we take time to understand your requirements and offer peace of mind, by referencing all of our applicants and offering a rental warranty. Our charges are highly competitive and we can arrange a tailor made package to suit your needs. Our hours are flexible and we will try wherever possible to accommodate you.

If you are considering letting your property or looking for that perfect home, we look forward to hearing from you to discuss your requirements…

Don't just take our word about how good our service is for both landlords and tenants. Read the following testimonials to see for yourself how satisfied our customers are... Read in full...

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