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Priors LettingsBe smart…..Landlord Hints and TipsBe smart…..

Have your property professionally cleaned, including carpets and curtains, we can recommend our cleaners, before marketing your property and at the end of the tenancy.

Decorate in neutral colours, please attend to any ‘freshening up’ of the decor.

Neutral curtains and lampshades are essential and must be provided regardless of whether the property is furnished or unfurnished.

Even if unfurnished, it is advisable to provide kitchen appliances – fridge/freezer, oven/cooker, washing machine.

If letting your property furnished, please remember sparse furnishings are better than clutter, also please remember to check the Fire & Safety Regulations on soft furnishings. If you are in any doubt, please ask our Property Inspector to advise you.

Your tenants need to make this property feel like home, we want your tenants to look after your property and will carry out regular quarterly inspections and always keep you fully informed .

Never have carpets in kitchens or bathrooms, cushion vinyl or tiling is best.

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