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Priors LettingsProperty Maintenance – Common ProblemsNew TenantsProperty Maintenance – Common Problems

It is the responsibility and contractual obligation of the tenant to ensure and report on the condition and fabric of the house and you will be liable if you fail to do so. Ensuring the property does not deteriorate during the tenancy covers a wide range of issues the most common ones being:

Blocked Drains:

Please be careful what you place down toilets and drains as you will be billed if a blocked drain or toilet is deemed to be your fault.


If water is spilling over the top of the guttering around the property it is likely the gutters need clearing so please call us.


Please use the extractor fan or open a window to ventilate if there is steam inside the property as you will be liable for damage caused by excess steam. If you are drying washing indoors please ventilate the property as it may cause damage if you don’t.


Unless otherwise stated please do not forget to maintain gardens and outside spaces. If you need help with this call us and we will arrange for quotes from a contractor.

Not Sure?

If you’re not sure whether any problems are your or the landlord’s responsibility then please call us or contact us by email. We’ll come and inspect and make recommendations – and we won’t bill you for that! We want your rental to be enjoyable and trouble free. We will normally book quarterly inspections at the property, however if you do have any problems, please do not wait until we visit you to mention them. Please remember a small drip can lead to a big leak!

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