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Priors LettingsTenantsTenant and Guarantor Referencing Service

The application for the Tenant and Guarantor reference consists of the areas detailed below:

Less than 1 month: Signed employment contract/signed offer letter 1 month - less than a year: Signed contract & recent pay slip or recent pay slip & 6 month old pay slip if in employment for over 6 months 1 year or more: P60 & recent... Continue Reading »

In the event that we are unable to retrieve references from employers or accountants we may request alternatives from which we can make an assessment of the applicant’s income. These alternatives are as follows: Some employers request a copy of the signed authorisation from the applicant before releasing... Continue Reading »

FCC Paragon now include letters for the applicant to give to their Landlord/Managing Agent and one for their employer/accountant. These letters, when completed by the applicant, inform their referees that we will be contacting them and also give them permission to release... Continue Reading »

Now used for tracing purposes, in the event the applicant absconds.Continue Reading »

Our Tenants' Database contains hundreds of thousands of tenants records, collated from details provided by Letting Agents, Landlords and our own claims records which we also search for anything detrimental.Continue Reading »

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